Our Philosophy

The desire to create something that people can touch, feel, and in which they can participate”... In that desire is the beginning. And in the realization of that desire is Architecture. Architecture that excites, stimulates and engages. Architecture that evokes reaction and contemplation. Architecture that takes you in.

At ‘Keystone’, architecture is personal. It’s our language. It’s our story, beginning with an amateur chapter…a sudden foray into design, a slow yet definitive refinement being part of each succeeding one, constantly evolving, constantly changing. It’s architecture that’s born out of passion and inspiration. A thought, a sketch, a picture, a simple word or phrase – a concept, and its translation into built form.

Architecture that is alive: When a living space opens out onto the green, when spaces – rooms and corridors suddenly bring into them the life of a tree or the peaceful stillness of water, where daylight spills into spaces and plays on surfaces, when walls left exposed change with the rhythm of the seasons, sometimes in moss covered stone, sometimes richly colored with earth- then there is beauty and delight.

There is a flow of energy and an unmistakable dynamism in architecture - in the relationships between the habitat and the inhabitant, built space and un-built space, built form and the environment.

We believe in simplicity and clarity in architecture, more importantly in designs that work - both aesthetically and functionally.

There are challenges that lie in numerous constraints, but largeness of vision is what helps us create generous architecture within that. We at ‘Keystone’ thrive on those challenges. We believe in our responsibility to take clients to the realms of possibility in design, to dream just a little bit more, to expect of us, and meet more than their expectations.

Architecture is our journey, with limitless possibilities. It’s exciting. And its only just begun.